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Raymarine Rotary Drive Type 2 - 12V


  • Brand: Raymarine
  • Product Code: M81136
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Rotary Drive Type 2 - 12V

The rotary drive is designed for power and sailboat systems that can be driven from the helm position through a chain and sprocket (e.g. cable and rod steering system). The outstanding design of the Raymarine rotary drive unit provides smooth, powerful autopilot controlled steering with quiet operation.

Optional drive sprockets and modification to the steering chain may be required.


  • Rotary Drive
  • Type 2
  • 12V


  • Maximum Boat Displacement: 20,000 kg
  • Peak Output Torque: 34 nm
  • Maximum Shaft Speed: 33 rpm
  • Recommended Hard-Over Time (no load): 10 seconds
  • Power Consumption: 60-84w
  • Corepack Used: ACU-400


  • Drive Type: Mechanical Rotary
  • Vessel Displacement - Max (Pounds): 44,000

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